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 Let's get get to the root of our syn"derm"...
(/)//////|||||||))))]]]]]||||||00000))))))((((((?????"""""HAIR...HAYER, HAIR..Here is hair, hair that is, that was, that's gone, that will be, jumping
like, a HARE, who knows, who cares, the HARE cares.  It's growing, it's gone, it's not much different than carrots in the garden ground.
Pubic hair, public hair, hard hair, hair today - gone hare, go leave, bunny rabbit~
Hair, I grew a mustache after chemo.  Never had a mustache?!!! What is the eyebrow thing?  Groucho Marx, if your are "out there", please give me some Glasses, black plastic brows, with a  purple nose, PLEASE?!!!
This infuriating "HARE" in my nose that knows the nose of nose of no gnome's nose knowing as one it's own nose..HAIR! is bountiful and pluck-bound.
TO HAIR WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the HARE-able message, hopping day, follicle and ear hair, I wonder, will the hairs grow on my toes and feet?  Dear Dr. HareOncologiy, tell me if spings will replace the hairs on my head and feet....luv, Bunny.
Pissed at doctors tonight...sorry, must post this hairiffic strands of comb.  bit the docs gave me the "brush-off" today, and my HB is taking my computer away tomorrow.
Sick of not being me. Shaving the follicles of hair roots and sebaceous glands while the DNA forgets where to put a hair.
I've got them, like rabbits, everywhere, those hare/wierd hairs!?
Inid  An "heir", A Haere', hairy, the jungle giant...

The HEIR of "to err is human:, and albeit, "Genetic Circumtantial Heirs" of error. Cozmetize my head, face, legs, HELP!

What does one do about the odd hair?  Bleach, Brazilian, Zap, or Zip?
I know only one thing, I want to get rid of most of it!


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