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Wasn't your doctor-week last week?
How did it go?




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Hi Gina,

Thanks for asking.

Actually, I think it was two weeks ago now. Been kind of a blur, as you'll see. So what has happened?

Started off Monday with the NOEDP - incredibly impressed with the doctor, and the state-of-the-art tools at our disposal for surveillance and detection. Although, had to *gulp* upon hearing that when looking at the images from the TVU, provided by one of two machines in the entire country as sophisticated, the doctor said that even with the images showing nothing remotely suspicious, he could not unequivocally declare that I did not have OVCA. Yup, *gulp*

Then, remember in my rambling, babbling analogy I mentioned the reasonable concern about job loss by employees at my company? Well, late Tuesday came word that scores of people, entire sections and departments, were informed it was their last day. official position in the company is assisting two people, one of whom was going to be moving to a different state the following week, and while will continue working for the immediate future, departure is more a when than an if. Wednesday, the other person I assist was unexpectedly let go.

Oh yeah, reasonable concern about job loss? What, me be paranoid?

Fortunately, later that day I did receive a verbal reassurance that my employment was not at (imminent) risk. (Kept thinking about the timing of my just having posted that analogy - namely first real time acknowledging and expressing those concerns, even though the announcement was made six months ago)

I think it was Thursday that I went to my GP - which led to the discovery that I was severely Vitamin D deficient. But I was extremely impressed and pleased with the appointment - he spent a LOT of time listening, and offering reassurance regarding paying attention to, evaluating, and reporting symptoms, side effects, and being receptive to my concerns and issues as we keep me under post diagnosis and treatment surveillance.

The originally scheduled gynecological endocrinologist appointment for that Tuesday had been changed to (I believe) a more-appropriate-for-me specialist, recommended by the oncologist on Monday, but now it's not until the end of July.  

So, that's a big, anticipatory wait. But I gues it's only two and a half weeks now.


DX 2/27/07
IDC, Stage 1b, Grade 3, Triple Negative, BRCA1+

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Dear Aliere,
What happened?  A missing chapter.  The middle of a novel with the pages torn, ripped, and lost from your compelling, interesting storyline. Not-withstanding,  an author's depiction of characters, medical virtuosity and questions with an attitude worth reading about on the topic of triple negative disease.

Blindfolds, musical chairs, and charades without chuckles, tricks, good songs or laughter;  we have all experienced in the confusion to seeking diagnosis, treatment and life following the chaos of Breast Cancer; trivial or not. 
It would be comforting to know how you are doing, and how your ultimate decisions and outcomes were tolerated.  Knowing you are safe and well would hasten those concerned for participating (or not) members who have become friends on the No Surrender forums.  Personally, I cannot help caring about the wonderful people I have met on-line; and this has been a "special" experience for myself, generally guarded, insecure, and reclusive.
I've purchased too many  novels, art-books, and classic detective mysteries with missing pages.  I miss your pages, and thoroughly enjoyed your writing, replies and invigorating topics.
I hope you are well.  I wanted to say hello, get well, and wish you good health.  If you have decided to give up on the support lines, I understand it, only too well. 
No Surrender has been the best place to find hope, energy and unimaginable love without any requirements or demands.  I think about going forward with my life, nixing the idea of ever having been diagnosed with cancer, and truthfully, (even if I was kicked-off this site,)  I would make every effort to return to visit every day.  Reading the news, the comradely, and (I am not religious), the prayers give my soul peace and a quiet serenity. 
I would visit, even if only to lurk, spy and read about the latest research, women's experiences, and the heart filled artwork and reaching out to those who need helping hearts and hands.  I have searched the web for supportive alliances and cutting edge information, and this is the only truthful, uncompromising, humerous, and comprehensive site; you can say anything, express your feelings, without the remorse and condescending attitude; generally overshadowing many support groups (on or off-line).  

I feel lucky tohave had the pleasure to become a participating member.  I am not giving you a "sales pitch".  Your addition to the site was fun and refreshing, however serious your issues with Breast Cancer may be at the present time.
I hope you are doing well,
Love, (((hugs))) and prayers your way.


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Oh Indi-
I am so glad you brought this post up front and center!
I miss so many posts-

Aliere- how are you?
I know you live around here, don't you? I remember we both felt the same way about that "Zen Like Atmosphere from Hell" cancer center.

I hope you read this.

Indi, you are such a doll.




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