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Queen Blue Sky & Golden Light
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Dearest Constantine,

This is a very sad day; we have lost our precious DebC.  She was taken by the "beast".  She fought a brilliant battle, never losing hope, and faced the enemy, the vile beast, possessing her own spirit, strength and power without faltering.  A tribute to honor Deb's engaging, kind-hearted world of wonder and shadows strikes me as the only way to shake this confusion, and grief; Deb will never be gone from our hearts. 

Thank you for sharing a verse from Ragland Road some time ago.  It seemed appropriate to post this poem for Deb. her family and the valiant battle she fought.  Thank you for the giving so much to help us all to engage warfare with this evil, dreadful, and indomitable demon:  the beast, Breast Cancer. 

DebC had a gift for words, and the ability to express the sorrow we understand, know, share and manage with great compassion and a loving heart.  We are all stumbling here...thunder of tears empowering currents of a raging force, spilling, dancing, oer' these rocky waterfalls of lingering hope for the future.  We cannot lose hope.  Deb was and is an Angel of Hope.  Anyone who knew Deb; knows she was a force of hope, comfort, and gave back to us all, her invincible heart, spirit and wisdom. 

Thank you Edge.  I know you were helping to guide Deb in the best possible way to health.  Triple Negative Breast Cancer is the "Beasts" cruel and tricky ways to take the best, brightest and beautiful women who are young, vibrant, and beautiful; from the clutches of their loved ones way too soon before their time.  We need a cure...we need a treatment.  Metastasis is a dirty business in the deep caverns of sorrow.



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Goddess Forever
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Thank you for your heart felt research and expertise to help Deb overcome this horrible disease!!!

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~

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We are family. That is abundantly clear here.
I love you all so very much.
I propose a buddy system.
We have to have some method of communication where we take care of each other and step in when a sister needs a voice to speak up for her in her care.
I don't know how we can do this yet- but with our Knight Constantine guiding us, I know we will think of something.



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