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I am much  involved with breast cancer communities outside the U.S., in Europe, Asia, and Australia/New Zealand and elsewhere, and one of the great BC organizations worldwide is NBOCC -  the National Breast and Ovarian Cancer Centre - in Australia (I deal a lot with Australia/New Zealand guidelines organizations and am a longtime member of  NZGG (the  New Zealand Guidelines Group)). NBOCC has just revised and published (as PDF) their excellent and highly accessible 200+ page Guide for Women with Early  Breast Cancer (click to read or download).  NBOCC  also runs the patient-oriented website Breasthealth, a rich and valuable resource worth  exploring.


Of course nothing comes close to the superlative sweep and depth of our Gina's own main No Surrender Breast Cancer Help site whose coverage is extraordinary: there are sections on reconstruction, just to take an example, which are as good as it gets anywhere, with Gina's insider insights and ultra-savvy tips permeating everything, and the section on  prevention is just  stellar; check every nook and cranny for wisdom and  hope (some of my favorites: "The ABCs of Chemotherapy", "Bad Doctor Warning Signs", "A Tale of Two Path Reports").  Both deep and ultra-accessible,  it taught me a thing or two (but don't tell anyone!).  Must viewing.


Constantine Kaniklidis

Breast Cancer Watch 

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