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Pathfinder Angel
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Greetings Dear Edge -
What a priviledge to freely address you with our constant questions.  You respond with such chivalry, no matter how repetitive or complicated the queries are.  I heard on the radio this morning that they presented you with a three-foot real silver cup award, stuffed with roses at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino the other night, but you weren't there!  You were probably pouring over a 3000-word answer to one of our posts.
I have read a lot about the pH, alkalinity/acidity of the body affecting disease and inflammation, with alkalinity being favored.  In reading through the list of foods, it seems to co-relate to the high fresh-food diet usually advised for health, with some specific quirks, like buckwheat groats (kasha) being  alkaline, while wheat is more acid.  What do you think of all this?
By the way, does lemon juice fall into the same leave-it-alone category as grapefruit and orange juice in your opinion?  It is purported to have an alkaline effect, after all is said and done within the body.
My other question is about soy products.  Even though my tumor was 3N, I have been told not to use soy products.  I have asked twice about the rationale, and got an answer that I have forgotten.  Is there a known problem with soy and cancer, soy and chemo, soy and something important that would eliminate this protein source from my choices?  I find myself eating a lot of lentils and  tuna fish.
Thank you for being a partner in the best of my life - Mary   

Dear friend, theory is all grey, and the golden tree of life is green. - Goethe

Chief of Research
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Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.  As for the award ceremony which I somehow overlooked, it's of no consequence - I now have received so many three-foot silver cups stuffed with roses (my cups runneth over?) that what's another one? (I'm actually auctioning several on eBay).  Although I still prefer rose-laden silver cups over the cement-shoes many oncologists are probably wishing I would try on.  Both me and my arch nemesis Brad Pitt are just suffering from award-overload, mine even deserved (to think that the industry selected HIM over me to play the lead role in The Curious Buttons of Benjamin Britton! - or is it, The Curious Buttons of Private Benjamin? - some palms were greased, that's for sure.  No justice for a poor medical researcher like me, I just don't mix with the right fish and goose soiree crowd (especially since I don't eat fish or goose).


Now, as to modulating alkalinity /acidity for health benefit, which has been kicking around a long time, there is no credible  evidence of it playing an significant role in health or disease, inflammatory or otherwise (the thoery is based on the unwarranted assumption that something which is alkaline or acid outside of the body remains so once ingested (and acted on by innumerable agents and enzymes - that is like the craze some years ago for pH-balanced shampoos as somehow better for hair - in fact, all shampoos are detergent and although they may start out before use as pH-balanced, they all end up alkaline the second they suds with water, as a simple pH strip test will show).    


Very good question about lemon juice - it is considered safe, unlike the hepatic enzyme- inducing grapefruit juice.  But note that orange - but not Seville Orange - juice is also safe, yet lime juice is not:  lime juice is like grapefruit juice and can induce adverse interactions with many other agents, although it would be rare and unlikely for many people to consume problematic amounts of lime juice.


Finally, as to soy consumption I have addressed that issue fairly comprehensively in the not too distant past, and if you were told that it is problematic for triple negative disease, and can't remember the answer when you asked why, that's likely because any answer would have been forgettable, and best forgotten, since the claim is without credible supporting evidence.  I'll repeated my summary of the discussion below for convenience.


And being partners, I hope I know which side you'll be on in any contest between me and that hack Brad Pitt and can count on your vote.


What the Evidence Says

At this time, the weight of the evidence from robust systematic reviews and meta-analyses favors either a modest benefit of long-term high soy consumption, especially from the genistein component, on reduction of breast cancer risk, or at worst - depending on many complex factors - no effect, and hence no deleterious effect; the evidence fails to support a significant component of harm on breast cancer risk.


In addition, there is some provisional evidence from Maria Hedelin's team at the Karolinska Institute that unlike isoflavones, flavones, and lignans, the coumestans within the class of flavonoids, may be of special benefit in breast cancer risk reduction in ER-negative disease, whereas the other phytoestrogens are largely relevant to ER-positive disease, although lignans may be of potential benefit across receptor status. The coumestans (with coumestrols as active components) include red clover sprouts and leaf, alfalfa and alfalfa sprouts, kudzu leaf, soybean sprouts, and mung bean sprouts. Note that coumestans are coumarin derivatives and hence structurally related to coumadin (Warfarin), so caution should be exercised in consuming other than small sporadic amounts if on antiplatelet / anticoagulant medication.

[from Phytoestrogens on this forum: 4/25/08]


Upon systematic review and critical appraisal, we find on the weight of the evidence that there is weak but not sufficiently dispositive data to support a modest protective effect of the standard American soy diet on breast cancer, with best guidance suggesting that the safest soy consumption is that of foods containing soy flour, in preference to more purified forms of isoflavones such as purified genistein, soy protein isolate, isoflavone-rich soy extracts, or isoflavone capsules, or soy that is ground, defatted and toasted, and that furthermore whole soybean products by virtue of their containing both the genistein and daidzein isoflavone components are unlikely to have any net-adverse impact on tamoxifen activity.

[from Breast Cancer Prevention Watch]


Consuming foods - not genistein supplements - with whole soybean or soy flour like soybeans themselves, soy foods including miso, tempeh, and tofu) should be unproblematic when kept below high (Asian) levels, which means under 20 to 80 grams of daily consumption. Even considering the lower threshold, 20 grams daily, a cup of soy milk has just 30 mg. of genistein, and the highest amounts come from soybeans themselves, uncooked or roasted at just above 1 gram (1/2 cup). In the typical Western diet it would therefore require an extraordinary amount of almost constant soy consumption, like 10 cups of soybeans daily or 666 cups of soy milk, to come close to this lower threshold, and in any case, all these products are whole soy and contain both genistein and daidzein.


Constantine Kaniklidis
Breast Cancer Watch


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Goddess Forever
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Congratulations on the award (of so many) and what pitty that you were not able to receive it in person.
Brad Pitt was green with envy when he heard and rushed home to count his' 

As of the cement shoes that oncologists want to put on you, I find that hard to believe. But if it is true, your friends at this board would come to your rescue anytime.....big drill in hand to get them right of your feet before something bad happens!!!
I read on this board that some oncs took note of your research and agreed with you 

Thank you again for the above explanation, happy to read them over and over again!!!

~ There are lies, damned lies and statistics ~

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Pathfinder Angel
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Constantine, who is Brad Pitt?
Has he done something remotely significant to bless, benefit, educate, relieve and elevate millions of women plagued by random acts of mutation?
Thanks for putting together something for me on soy that you already expounded on - I get cross-eyed looking for bits of information.
And thank you for being the Great Synthesizer - Mary

Dear friend, theory is all grey, and the golden tree of life is green. - Goethe

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I found some of Constantine's awards.....



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